Show me Something Sweet

I love desserts!  I really feel that a large percent of my early weight loss success can be attributed to keeping desserts a part of my normal eating routine.  My initial approach was to merely eat less.  By breaking everything down to a points value I simply started each day with a budget and subtracted as I went through my…

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Eat your greens – Hearty Kale and Peppery Arugula

This is a great time of year for produce!  It is available fresh from local farms, at farmer’s markets or in grocery stores. There are so many different types of fruits and vegetables to choose from it can almost be overwhelming. I have been making an effort to pick unfamiliar things when I see them in the store or at…

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Yummy Peas and Yellow Pea Soup

Yes it is nearly summer and soup season is over until the fall, but I really wanted to sing the praises of this soup.  I tried to come up with some nerdy content about the goodness of yellow peas and how they are different from green peas but I didn’t find much. I’ll just take a moment to highlight peas…

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