The Thin Hyperlink Between Sharing and Stealing

I felt less than awesome when I woke up this morning, owing only partially to the pre-dawn rising of my toddler. I have always loved cooking and feeding my friends and family.  Over the past year I have discovered that I also love creating and sharing recipes. When a reader tells me that tried and enjoyed a recipe that I…

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Brown Bread Pudding with Cinnamon Pears

Jameson Brown Bread Pudding

It doesn’t take much to start me thinking about bread pudding – it is one of my favorite restaurant desserts. My very favorite bread pudding at served at an Irish restaurant in Seattle’s Pioneer Square. One ice cream topped, caramel drizzled, portion is easily enough for four. I am not very good at sharing this one, last time I should…

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Whiskey for your Cold

Try Some Whiskey for Your Cold

Last week I had grand hopes of wrapping up my Ireland travel narratives with a decadent dessert, Jameson Brown Bread Pudding. Unfortunately I hadn’t finalized the recipe. However, it did come in handy that we had a bottle of whiskey in the house. We needed it for medicinal purposes. I was first served a hot whiskey in a tiny hostel pub on…

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TGIF It’s Happy Hour!

There is a fairly long list of things I ought to be doing at this moment but I chose option D none of the above.  I spent the day outside knocking out DIY projects that included painting new photography backgrounds, building a sieve to seperate rocks from dirt in the garden, and mixing compost into the garden.  I also pulled…

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Skinny Lasagna Bolognese with Bechamel

Healthy living is all about balance.  While I was staying in Dublin I fell happily into a balanced lifestyle.  My feet provided the majority of my transportation and anything I acquired along the way I had to carry home in my backpack.  The foods I ate were higher in fat but far less processed than my American diet had been….

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