Half Her Size – because I am!

Weight Loss : Before my weight loss, there is no time that I can remember being a normal weight. It wasn’t until I was a newly wed, creating my happily-ever-after, that I finally got sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. My husband, Mike, was equally obese, our extra bulk meant we couldn’t embrace each other in a proper hug. We began our weight loss journey together and reached our goal weights within a month of each other.
Cooking : My love of cooking allowed us eat amazing food while losing weight. Never once did we feel like we were on a diet. Now, we are parents. I believe in preparing one meal to meet the needs of the whole family. Mike and I are teaching our children our love of healthy eating.
Philosophy : Busy women need weight loss tools that are approachable, sustainable, and empowering. From recipes to weight loss tips my hope is to help you realize your capabilities so you’ll say, “I can do that!”

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