Weight Loss : Before my weight loss, there is no time that I can remember being a normal weight. It wasn’t until I was a newly wed, creating my happily-ever-after, that I finally got sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. My husband, Mike, was equally obese, our extra bulk meant we couldn’t embrace each other in a proper hug. We began our weight loss journey together and reached our goal weights within a month of each other.
Cooking : My love of cooking allowed us eat amazing food while losing weight. Never once did we feel like we were on a diet. Now, we are parents. I believe in preparing one meal to meet the needs of the whole family. Mike and I are teaching our children our love of healthy eating.
Philosophy : My approach to healthy eating starts with whole food: lean protein, whole grains, lots of colorful vegetables, fruits, herbs, and spices. I always leave room for something sweet.

Teaching : I create recipes, teach cooking, and provide Nourishment Coaching to people who want to lose weight in a positive environment. I have prepared several of my recipes live, on television.

Writing : I began writing about healthy living in 2011 on my first site, “Our Lady of Second Helpings.” Today, in addition to the articles on Half Her Size, I am a columnist for The Everett Herald.

Photography : I am an enthusiastic photographer. Professional photography has been a surprising, and deeply fulfilling, addition to my creative work. One of my greatest joys is telling a story with images. Unless noted, all the images on this site are my own.