Hey Netflix! Where’s my Workout??!!

Netflix users looking for easy workouts at home received a sudden shock when they opened their queues this week.

Are there workouts on Netflix?

This morning I suited up for a much needed Pilates workout but couldn’t find any of my saved routines.  I hopped on the website couldn’t find my favorites or any exercise titles for that mater. What the heck?!?

To confirm that I wasn’t missing something in the menu I contacted Netflix via their on-line customer service chat.  The short answer seems to be that the license has expired and no new titles have been added to replace the workout genre.  In retrospect, I should have asked how the entire fitness section was subject to a single license. Forgive me, I’m new to breaking news reporting so I’ll try to do better next time.

For those who like the full nitty-gritty story I have included the text of my customer service conversation below.  It was perfectly pleasant if not entirely helpful.  You’ll notice that I tried to “throw my weight around” to get the inside scoop. No luck on that angle.

In the transcript: “You” is me. “Netflix Ben” is the customer service agent.

Netflix Customer Service

Welcome to Netflix Chat. How can we help you?
You are now chatting with: Ben

Netflix Ben
Hi, who am I chatting with?

Hi this is Rose

Netflix Ben
Got it. What’s going on Rose?

I would like to know what happened to the fitness videos on instant watch

Netflix Ben
Ah, a workout enthusiast. I hear you—there were a couple ab workouts that came through in a pinch. Let me check the details on those workout videos, just a second.

Ben I am looking for myself but you may also be interested to know that I am a weight loss, health & wellness blogger. I am concerned that the great selection that was available has disappeared.

Netflix Ben
Ah, this is an annoying one. It looks like we just lost the license to stream those exercise videos. Just because we lost them doesn’t mean we won’t get them back. Studios love Netflix money.

I have found the instant watch workouts extremely helpful in my own -142 pound weight loss and enthusiastically refer others to try them

Netflix Ben
Wow, that is impressive. Congratulations on that achievement!

Can you tell me what is being done to get these programs back in the Netflix line up?

Netflix Ben
Hmm, I’m checking for more details. I honestly don’t know the exact date we’ll be getting them back. Whenever we loose something, it means we have money to spend on new titles, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we replaced them very soon here.

Netflix Ben
As soon as we get our hands on any new exercise titles, we’ll holler about it on Facebook and Twitter. Would you like me to send you the links?

So if I am understanding correctly there are no workouts available to stream at this time?

Netflix Ben
Looks like you’re correct, unfortunately.

That is too bad. Thank you for checking on that for me. I will be looking for updates on new additions.

Netflix Ben
Definitely, that’s where we’ll pop them in for you. Looks like this just happened, so I imagine they’ll be some additions to the fitness titles soon.

Netflix Ben
But anytime you have a question, we’re here 24/7 (I think a few people sleep here). Are there any other questions I can help with?

No that’s is all thanks for your help.

Netflix Ben
Anytime, you have an awesome day.

If you want to let Netflix know that you would like to see the fitness videos returned or replaced let them know!

Customer Service Number: 1-800-585-7265
Twitter: @Netflixhelps  or @Netflix

While Netflix sorts out their licensing issues, I’ll be heading over to Hulu plus to see what they have to offer.

Have you used Netflix or another video streaming service to workout at home? What are your favorites / least favorites?


The following email just hit my inbox.  Let ’em have it folks!

Dear Rose,
We’re always trying to improve by listening to feedback from our members. Now we’d like to know what you think.To participate in today’s survey, please click on the following link (or copy/paste into your browser):http://netflix.qualtrics.com/SE/?CID=244EEB1BDBF032A43E3D86AFEE0A61070AC0315E&SID=SV_3C7wubePFGOqQ1DThanks for giving us your feedback.-The Netflix Team

*****Further Update*****
Don’t bother with the survey they just want to know how you watch not what you watch. Just keep calling, emailing, or tweeting at them.

******Update 8/29******

I called Netflix to get an update.  The result is in this post


  1. Netflix Courtney

    We have no set schedule of when we will get stuff. We work really hard to bring back the contracts that we lost. So I would be more than happy to notate your profile that you are suggesting we bring these back. We are always looking to know what we should fight for.

    That was my conversation with Courtney from Netflix. I myself is a huge fan of fitness on Netflix they were great especially the dance workout. The way I see it if we all contact Netflix with high demands of getting back these fitness videos something can happen.

  2. I know I called 5 minutes ago and it’s still not back. So sad but I guess I’ll have to buy the insanity package

    • I second that! I keep reading online that Netflix has all of these great workout videos, it’s disappointing that they don’t actually have them right now :(

  3. Just wanted to say that amazon prime has workout videos! I bought it around Christmas when it was half price. They pretty much have all of what netflix does for way less money. I seriously love it! But Amazon has always been amazing to me. Anyway, hope this helps someone that’s looking for a way to switch up workout videos on the cheap.

  4. I have been reading your blog ever since the workouts were taken off of Netflix. If the women are looking for inexpensive workouts I suggest thegymbox.com . I don’t know the price, but it looks like it’s inexpensive.

    • I appreciated hearing what Netflix said to you. I just went on facebook and asked them politely to bring back the fitness videos but they didn’t reply and immediately deleted my comment. Hrumph!

  5. Well it has been 5 months! My hubby bought me a new mat from Neiman Marcus and I was so excited to use it today since no one is here. Still NOTHING! What is the deal??? I would like to work out but not run to the gym at the moment.

  6. I been wondering for months now about this..I came across this blog thanks Rose for this update.!! They should really put the fitness videos back..

  7. I am a working mother of two small children. Needless to say I can’t afford the time or money to go out to a gym. I loved the workouts on Netfix! I hope they get them back soon!

  8. It’s disappointing that netflix removed ther workouts but don’t worry there’s better alternative.

    Try sweatn.com

    There are more workouts than there ever was on netflix and their all free! Cardio, yoga, pilates you name it sweatn.com has a workout for you.

    Full disclosure. I am the founder or sweatn.com

  9. Just my opinion, but the people you talk to on the phone have no idea at all. I work in a business somewhat similar and often times I have to give customers my best guess- sure maybe they will come back but maybe they wont. And even though it seems here that there is great need for Netflix workout videos, it may be that either Netflix doesn’t see the need for them because they could use the money for more content that people cant find free online elsewhere (newer movies would tend to bring more customers than workouts that you could probably find online pretty easily) or the workout video producers don’t want them on netflix. And I doubt those contracts are really quick to sort out.
    Some of this is aimed at this particular issue but a lot is because I am annoyed that people get all jumpy like Netflix can just put content up without jumping through hoops first. I’m sure they hold back some but the companies that own the content definitely do too. We’re talking about a $8/month service. We should just be impressed with what we get. I would pay quite a bit more for my Netflix membership.

  10. Obviously it’s been a few months since I’ve looked for the fitness videos on Netflix since I’m just now finding your post. Thank you for explaining what happened. I didn’t remember deleting the videos from my queue, so I did a quick search and found your blog.

  11. Yeah, I’ve found Netflix to be a disappointment when it comes to exercise videos. Even when they had them they weren’t very good. I hate those 10 minutes videos. It’s no wonder there isn’t much demand. If they put something good on there I’ll bet they’d have some demand. As it is I just subscribe to Gaiam TV for exercise videos. There are a few good streaming workout video channels.

  12. Hey, I found your blog post helpful, thank you. IMO It would be moree considerate of NETFLIX to replace the exiting content FIRST and also label the exiting content “Leaving Soon” so as not to leave the customer empty handed.

  13. I just got done chatting with Netflix with “Elixia” and she asked me what I needed help with. I told her about the lost workouts and asked if she knew about the time frame for them coming back. She replied: “Ah, Sarah, I completely understand. Now as of right now, we are updating a ton of new content. Now while I do not have any specific info to give you, I can say we are updating this very minute, so I would check back throughout the week to see if they are reloaded for you. Also, I will make sure this chat is read for the feedback so they can work on getting this content faster for you, ok?”

    I don’t know if that means they will be updating workout vids this week or just updating in general, but this is what they said tonight. Just thought I would share with you all. Although I like to think that there is stuff being uploaded that they’re not telling us about…”shh! don’t tell anyone! We’re uploading ‘pick your spot pilates’ but it’s a secret!! Don’t tell the customers!”

    • I was looking forward to today, I was thinking the videos would be back. But still don’t see them!!! UGH!

  14. Hulu has some great exercise videos now. Additionally, YouTube hosts Exercise TV videos (also removed) as well as several other workout videos. Definitely worth a look.

    • I got on Netflix and noticed that despite what they told me (it would be back up on October 1st) they are not there! I called them and was basically told they don’t know who told me a date but they have no idea when the videos will be back up. Wow, I guess I will cancel and go to Hulu.

    • Netflix was wrong since it’s almost December and I can only find two – both are yoga, one of which is for angry kids. I chatted with Neflix Marley (couldn’t decide if it was Marley as in Bob or Marley as in that dog from the terrible movie) and he said they don’t know if/when the workout videos are coming back because it depends on the licensing blahblahblah.

      I found some free Roku workout channels that seem promising so maybe that’ll satisfy me for now.

  15. I just messaged netflix again. Workout videos will be coming back. They don’t have an eta yet but when they come back they will be under new arrivals before they get there own section. Just thought I would give everyone the update

  16. Noooo!!! I love those workouts! This past month I’ve been doing belly dance and going for walks, but today it’s raining and I really wanted to get a Crunch ab workout in. I went to trusty Netflix and…nothing. :-( Thank you for your blog because at least now I know I’m not crazy. Just sad at Netflix for not replacing them with SOMETHING!

  17. I’m also furious that they took the workout videos down!! I tried to find their online customer service chat to add in to the complaints thinking maybe if they get enough they will bring them back soon. I can’t find the chat anywhere! All I can find is a phone number, did they take it down?

  18. Thanks for this post. I googled, “Can’t we stream exercise videos on Netflix anymore?” and there was your answer – and hey – great blog! Maybe this will all be good for your community after all.

  19. Saw you on KTCS today! Great Job — you appearaceis why I searched for your blog. Looking forwardd to reading more on your blog

  20. I called in today not knowing what had happened and the gentleman on the phone told me they were in the process of getting them back because they lost the right to stream the videos. He also mentioned that they were trying to get some more exclusive workout videos like P90X and Insanity. He did not give me a time frame would be he said “It could be within the next couple of weeks or maybe next month” I really hope they do get them back!

  21. I did call customer service yesterday, and talked with a very chirpy woman who assured me “they were working on it” and she would “email me when the videos are back up”. I told her this service is unique–Hulu makes you wait for commercials, Xfinity only has short vids–and that there are a lot of us out there who use these workout vids. Not sure it mattered one whit, but I figured I’d let you know I did my due diligence. :)

  22. I can’t find the online customer chat for Netflix either. The only option that comes up for me is calling them under “Contact Us”. :( I wish I could do a chat to log my complaint rather than a phone call. I am thinking right now I’m going to purchase a few cheap exercise DVDs through half.com to supplement my workouts in the meantime, because I can’t wait on Netflix to fix the problem and I miss the ones I used to do.

    • Hi Melissa. I went to double check my info but I only have web access through my smart phone for the next few days. I have tried to load the Netflix home page but can’t figure out how to see the non mobile version. I am pretty sure I found the chat via their “contact us” page. I may have clicked through from the “my account” page. Hope that helps.

  23. Yeah, I’ll believe it’s coming back when I see it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Netflix successfully renegotiate a contract (though it’s probably happened once or twice).

    Now we only really use Netflix for kids’ shows, which we can get almost all of through Amazon Prime streaming anyway.

    But what the WHAT at Hulu+ having commercials? I thought the whole point of paying for the + was to get rid of the commercials?

    I did have some luck streaming some things on YouTube, so there’s that.

  24. God his tone is SO patronizing. I hate that phony friendliness. Thank you for finding out the details. I cancelled Netflix upon this discovery. Taking away an extremely key portion of what I pay for is a small step from fraud in my book.

  25. Grrr! I rarely use Netflix workouts but occasionally will to spice things up. Went looking this morning and – NO WORKOUTS! Wasted quite a bit of time before google led me here to your explanation. Sometimes I hate Netflix. :-(

  26. Thank you for your post! I just joined Netflix today and was frustrated when I couldn’t find any of the workout videos I had previously heard about from friends. I thought maybe I was just searching incorrectly.

  27. Thank you for posting this! I was really dismayed to discover all the vids are gone from Netflix; they are honestly the only reason I was justifying my subscription right now. I tweeted my frustration but I know they don’t care. :( I checked Hulu but all their vids are short–like 10-15 minutes. Anyone have HuluPlus and know anything different about that?

    • Hey Sarah. I tried Hulu Plus and found some decent choices BUT they have the same commercial interruptions as their regular programing. If you are willing to have several 90 second pauses during your 50 minute workout it may be good alternative to the Netflix selection.

  28. I just called customer service and they said they are finishing up the contract business and it should be back online soon…no dates.

    • Thanks for the update Jessica! That is great news!

      Let’s keep letting Netflix know that the fitness videos are a big motivator for keeping (or canceling) our subscriptions.

      Great teamwork everyone!

      • How do you find out workout video’s without knowing titles? I only know about crunch but i notice other people talking about other titles. The search button you have to know name of videos or people. Thanks

        • It really wasn’t that easy to track down the workouts they had before all of them were removed. I had the best luck using key words like “yoga” or “Pilates” to search for titles. Once I found a workout I was able to find more via their recommendations and similar title suggestions. If and when the workouts are replaced I hope Netflix creates a genre or category to help users find them more easily.

  29. I talked to customer service about this today via chat- they have a lot of “canned answers” – convo was almost identical to what you posted. To me it sounds like they don’t intend to get them back, and are hoping people just kind of forget that they were ever available.

  30. Glad to find your blog! The work out videos are still missing. We’d been on vacation and I was getting back to a routine – but couldn’t find ‘my’ videos. I too think it is strange ALL work out videos are no longer instant stream. I’m not a happy Netflix user at this point! They will hear from me.

  31. So glad I found that I wasn’t the only one missing my workout videos. I had two Ellen Barrett Pilates videos saved and am extremely disappointed!! Pick your level weightloss Pilates, crunch: Pilates yoga, and 10 minute Pilates solution. Boo Netflix boo!!

  32. I found your blog after I googled the problem. I remember about a week before they went away they gave a little message saying that it would not longer be available after aug.1. I was hoping that would automatically replaced them but they have not! I had about 5 or so in my instant que that I did regularly. I hope they replace them soon. My husband and I have been considering going to Hulu or Amazon instead of netflix so this may be the the deciding factor! So glad there are others out there that used them as well!

  33. I discovered on Monday, August 6 when I suited up and could not get Crunch: Fat-Burning Pilates, my favorite! I thought I was doing something wrong so I kept signing off, restarting, etc. (think I was in denial). Finally called, lady was very nice but said the same thing, Netflix license expired may get it back, possibly not so all must let them know they want these workout dvd’s back! None of the “Crunch” are available instantly anymore. I will email and call again as suggested, however, they doubled my fee for 1 DVD per month so I’m giving them 1 month to get these instant play workouts back, then that’s it I’m gone. This was all I was really using Netflix for anyway.

    • Not on Netflix, however, I have found many of the same on Youtube. Actually Netflix did me a favor by cancelling the workouts because now I am getting them for free so I no longer need to pay Netflix!

  34. Same thing here. Was ready to do my workout and realized that there were all gone, ALL of them. Contacted Netflix and was told that they did not know for sure whether or not they would be getting them back. Bummer! I guess if Netflix does not get the workout sessions I will be dropping them

  35. Super bummed about this! I did find one yoga workout, Shanti Generation, its geared for kids and teens but at least I got something in, i’ll probably cancel if they don’t add them back in.

  36. Shoot! I just noticed all mine are gone too! Somehow need to self-motivate tonight…thanks for the tips on Hulu. I’m glad to see all these other Netflix workout fans out there!

  37. Yes! Same here! I went to work out after putting my daughter to bed. I usually go for a jog but my husband is out of town, so I needed to stay in. I was so disappointed to see the entire selection gone! Thank you for posting this blog to help get the word out.

  38. My sister and I love doing these workouts together. We were ready to get busy when we realized that all our favorite workouts were no longer on our instant queue. NETFLIX, WE DEMAND TO GET WORKOUT SHOWS BACK!!!!

  39. My wife has been using these workouts for several months now. Hulu seems to be another possibility although it would not be my first choice. Netflix needs to correct this ASAP

  40. What is Netflix thinking? Are they trying to get rid of customers? Netflix needs to pay attention to this situation.

  41. So i am not alone?!?!?!?!?! Same thing happened to me. I called and got the same answer. Netflix has lost their license with Starz and that is why all of the workout programs are gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the ONLY reason my I had Netflix. I checked out Hulu and they have a lot of workouts. I’ll give Nextflix the rest of the month before I dropped them!

  42. I agree! I found your blog by googling for an answer to my mysteriously-disappeared workout videos. I called Netflix on 8/5 and they said they expected them back by next week. They said it “wasn’t their fault” the contracts expired, even after I pointed out they should have worked out new contracts in advance. I asked if they ever had an entire selection expire and they said no. No apology at all! So I asked for some sort of compensation (maybe a month free?) and was told they never do that. Sheesh!

    • They lied about never having entire selection expired. Baby First had a lot of videos and they all disappeared. They did not come back till around 2 1/2 months later and only a few at a time. Not all titles that they had are back. I just started working out at this fitness rec but my husband is working nights now and I thought to look for those videos but they are gone. I only new about the crunch ones though. don’t know how to find the others.

  43. I am so upset about losing these videos! Especially since I put on a few pounds and those videos are my life savers when this happens. At least I found your blog! Thanks for the info;I ‘ll stay positive that they bring them back.

  44. Ugh the same thing just happened to me… Found your post by googling “what happened to netflix exercise videos” in frustration. Thank you for posting your chat transcript!

  45. GRRR…I did the same thing on Thursday! I was really enjoying the 10 Minute Solution Carb Burner, and I was sad to see it gone, but I agree, the biggest frustration was that ALL their workouts disappeared at the same time! I hope they get some new ones soon, and I’m glad to know I’m not the only one frustrated by this!

  46. I discovered the same this week and was told the same thing. Netflix needs to be adding more not taking away. The fitness videos were the only thing I used.

  47. Oh, that is such a bummer! I used those workout routines all winter long ;-( I’ll definitely be letting them know I’m not happy about that.

    • It’s been almost a month since this happended and wouldn’t ya know, I had just canceled my gym membership! I’d been a subscriber for five years and had only just discovered how really great it was to work out at home. I’ve called three times about the issue. I finally broke down and bought 10 minute solutions on Amazon. Netflix screws up a great feature yet again!