This plan is a pre-tracked weight loss solution designed for YOU, smart women with busy lives and a family dinner to provide.

1500 calorie meal plan free trial

This plan changes everything!

For years, I have heard busy women beg for a simple way to lose weight that includes their family.

So, I created one!

Based on the exact way my husband & I lost over 300 pounds and kept it off for over 5 years!

I cannot wait to hear your results when you put this plan into action!

Keep your eyes and ears open for the launch of the full program in early 2017

Half Her Size weight loss meal plan for busy women

How to use the 1500 calorie plan:

Each day has a menu which includes 3 meals, mix n’ match snacks, and a splurge (yep!). Each menu has been preplanned to give you the weight loss benefits of tracking what you eat without the hassle of writing anything down – a time and sanity saver!

When you download the plan you will find:

  • 3-day overview and shopping list
  • 3 daily menus
  • recipes
  • the nutritional breakdown

Start with the overview and shopping list – This is where you will find all the ingredients you need for the week, get a heads up on any make-ahead recipes (there is 1 on this menu).

Daily menus

This is where you will find everything you need for 1 day of the plan. It will point you to any additional recipes you will need.

Flexible Planning

The meals in this plan have been created so they can be swapped or repeated. Changing the order of the days or swapping a meal from one day to another will not alter the overall plan. You are free to move meals around as needed!


The list provided in the plan organizes all the ingredients you will need. The list covers the menu as written, meaing, single portions for breakfast, lunch, and snacks, plus the full meal for dinner. Increase the amounts as needed to suit your needs.

three berries

Your healthy ever after has begun!