Half Her Size Nourishment coaching is a refreshing new way to think about weight loss and healthy living. Unlike traditional restrictive diets, with long lists of forbidden foods, Nourishment coaching focuses on creating even longer lists of good food. Food that can feed the entire family.

Nourishment coaching is a partnership where we design specific action steps based on your lifestyle, to meet your goals, and get you on the path to living the vibrant life of your dreams!

We take a whole person approach to weight loss. We look at your environment, layer in changes through achievable daily and weekly goals, and celebrate every success.

Hey there fellow busy lady!

I am excited to be your personal weight loss cheerleader! As soon as you join Half Her Size coaching, you will learn the techniques that enabled me lose 145+ pounds without turning my daily life upside down.

Lifelong healthy weight management comes from learning sustainable healthy habits. Even a fairly average person has unique and specific needs that a cookie cutter diet plan can not address.

Let me be your survival strategist for busy mornings, family dinner, birthday parties, vacations, holidays, and everyday temptations.

Welcome to the beginning of living to your full potential in the healthy body you deserve!
Weight Loss Coaching questions

One Thing is For Sure… Diets. Don’t. Work.

Anyone can cut calories and shed weight temporarily, but without education and support,
it’s just a diet, and for most people, diets don’t work.

Life long healthy habits begin to form when you make a decision to change.:

  • Put on your own oxygen mask first. You are the most important person in your story. 
  • When you have people who count on you, it is vital that you make your own health a priority.
  • Nourishing food is good for everyone! You will be able eat for weight loss while meeting the nutritional and taste needs of your family.
  • Coaching will give you tools to make your health a priority and be there for others.
  • Learn to eat mindfully… so you can be anywhere, and find nourishing food.
  • Last (but not least) Eat food you enjoy! We will focus on adding and replacing — not restricting.

Getting started
is easy…

  • The initial mind-body-spirit questionnaire provides a view into who you are and where you want to go.
  • A 12 weeks total transformation build a solid foundation of healthy habits you can use to shed the weight and keep it off for life.
  • Weekly calls with Rose.
  • Mid-week check-ins & as needed access to me when you need it via text or email.
  • Learn to use simple tools to become a mindful eater.
  • Simple adjustments to your daily routine to improve your weight loss success.
  • A simple action plan for each week. Since your program is unique to you, your “homework” will be designed to keep you moving toward your specific weight loss and lifestyle goals.
  • You’ll roll up your sleeves and try some new recipes. (I apologize in advance for any fun you accidentally experience).

I’ve learned a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t, and I can’t wait to share the best of it with YOU.

And let it known that: you do not have to love cooking to be successful at weight loss.
Nourishment Coaching takes a you-focused, fun and holistic approach, fusing easy to implement strategies with the daily encouragement that makes all the difference in your weight-loss transformation.

Within the first call you will see the possibilities of living vibrantly. A healthy rate for sustainable weight loss is an average of ½-2 pounds per week. You will feel empowered to try new foods and activities. You will radiate your new found confidence.

You will not miss your old favorite foods because you will either find ways to fit them in occasionally or (more likely) replace them with new favorites! You will be better equipped to navigate bumps in the road of life. Mindful eating will become as normal as tying your shoes.

You will not learn how not to fail, you will learn how to fail with a bit more grace and have the  tools to pick yourself up and keep going – stronger. You will learn to acknowledge and honor your feelings, forgive your shortcomings, and treat yourself as you would a friend. You will have an arsenal of delicious non-diet food recipes to share with family and friends.


  • What do you have control over in the places you spend your time?
  • Who do you share space with?
  • Make subtle changes to increase your long-term weight loss success.


  • Think about what you are going to eat before
  • Identify the reasons you are overeating
  • Find ways to incorporate activity into your daily life
  • Celebrate your successes. Learn from and forgive your shortcomings


  • You can set a goal, break it down, and reach a point of success
  • Your body can do more when your mind is open to new experiences
  • Once difficult tasks become easier with repetition
  • By now you can walk to the grocery store, go for a hike with a friend, play with your kids, and cook a meal with more than five ingredients


  • The more you say “yes” to new experiences the more joy there will be in your life
  • Weight loss is not only possible it is fun and fulfilling
  • You can accomplish whatever you want as long as you declare your intention and do the work


“I am a healthy person, I love to experience new people, places, and foods. I know how to get the tools I need to stay on this journey for life.”

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