Homemade Cranberry-Pear Sauce

Homemade cranberry sauce with pears | No refined sugar

Homemade cranberry sauce recipes frequently call for full cups of sugar so you wind up making more of a super sweet jam than a sauce that tastes like the fruit you used. I much prefer to taste the ingredients I went to the trouble of preparing. The tartness of cranberries provides an essential juxtaposition to the heavy richness in the rest…

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Simple Holiday Sides: Maple-Orange Cranberry Sauce

I have all sorts of warm fuzzy holiday memories of sitting around my grandparents creaky dinning room table. The good china plates beautiful in their own right sat ready to be buried under our feast. Grandma’s good flatware, not silver but gold, twinkled in the light of taper candles. Before we all squeezed in around the table we each participated in parading…

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Do It Yourself Thin Bread and Turkey Apple Cranberry Sandwich

When we started paying closer attention to how we “spent” our calories my husband and I found that we ate significantly less bread than we were used to.  In many cases I skipped bread because it would have used up all the food budget for my meal before I even put anything on it.  Additionally by skipping bread I also…

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Pumpkin Pancakes

Pumpkin Pancakes on a Winter Morning

This morning, before getting up, I read the latest blog post by Nourished Fitness. In the post she shares a couple of recipes featuring pumpkin and protein powder; a smoothie and pancakes. I don’t have any protein powder in the house but I do have a nice supply of canned pumpkin. The idea of pumpkin pancakes motivated me from my…

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6 easy holiday weight loss tips + 4 lighter holiday recipes

Whether you count, calories, carbs, points, or minutes until your next meal, holiday meals are a tricky time for people trying to live a healthy lifestyle. Family and social events are more heavily centered around food this time of year than any other in the western calendar. It’s not that just that food is available, food is pushed at us from…

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