Tips for healthy hibernating

Winter Weight Loss 101: How to make Hibernating Healthy

The other day I caught a story on the news that felt very familiar. In a nutshell: “January is a tough time to lose weight!” A study has shown (probably several studies have shown) like animals people are conditioned to maintain their body fat through the coldest part of winter. In other words humans are programmed for hibernating. Makes sense…

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A goal without action is just a wish

How to make your weight loss goals a healthy lifestyle

I was introduced to the “Be-Do-Have” model of self improvement a few years ago. I love the simplicity of both the visual and the concept. Even though my major weight loss is complete, “Be-Do-Have” continues to motivate me, as I set new goals, in all aspects of my life. Basically, the point is to visualize what or who you would…

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Top Tips for U-Pick Berry Success

We are so blessed in the Pacific Northwest to have a climate well suited to growing all sorts of berries. We are also blessed that it is not particularly difficult to get out of the developed areas and visit berry farms or woods where the uncultivated native varieties grow. At the peak of their growing season berries get to be…

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Muffin Pan Frittatas

Forgive me for working backwards. Rather than including a recipe in my previous post I thought those mini frittatas deserved their own moment in the sun. The frittatas were really very simple to prepare but I must confess I didn’t keep notes on the amounts used in the filling. Without revisiting the recipe I would say you will need 3…

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How to Lose (or Maintain) Weight on Vacation

Planing to lose weight on vacation can be tricky. In many cases you are setting yourself up to go against the cultural norm. Over the past five years I have lost, maintained, and gained weight while on vacation. Each time the key to success or a weighty surprise has been in the planning. What follows is my personal strategy when…

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