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Closing the Our Lady Chapter, and the next steps in my journey

If I have learned one thing during my weight loss journey, it is this – You don’t have to know where the finish line is to get started, but you’ll never get anywhere standing still. Five months ago I began crafting the next chapter in my journey. Within the next few days I will be cutting the virtual ribbon on…

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5 Simple Steps to Launch Your Weight Loss Resolution

It’s that time of year again! Time to look inward and think about all the ways you can become a better person. When the clock strikes midnight it will be time to take one last sip of alcohol, cut out caffeine, start arriving on-time, eliminate excess spending, and battle that bulge. Are you ready? Yes! Yes, you are ready, of course…

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Somebody Pinch Me!

The other day Mr. Second Helpings hung up the phone with his mind totally blown.  Then he called me and blew my mind too. Back Story: Pam, our Weight Watchers leader has been encouraging us to officially submit our story to Weight Watchers for some time.  Several months ago we finally took some time to reflect and sent off a…

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Ready, Set, Start! What happens when you reach your weight loss goal

I have been so wrapped up in a sugary haze I let a major milestone pass quietly – I reached my personal goal weight. Whoops, hang on…*tap, tap*  [clears throat] I HAVE REACHED MY PERSONAL GOAL WEIGHT!!!! As of two weeks ago, I am 51.4 % lighter than I was at my first Weight Watchers meeting in August 2008.  Not only…

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He Made it to Goal! A Guest Post by "Mr. Second Helpings"

He Made it to Goal! A Guest Post by “Mr. Second Helpings”

Dear Readers, I have often mentioned my husband and our mutual weight loss success.  On Monday he weighed in at his Weight Watchers goal weight.  Here is his story, in his own words… Reflections on my Journey On Monday (December 26th) I gave myself a great late Christmas present. At our weekly Weight Watcher’s meeting, the scale read 199.6 pounds;…

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