3 Ingredient Lemon Cake

Easy Dessert Recipes: 3 Ingredient Lemon Cake

Recipe Highlights: A fast, easy, super moist, lemon cake recipe. Simple swaps to reduce the calories and boost the indulgence factor from a cake mix. Under 160 calories, 4 Weight Watchers Points Plus per serving. I planned to take a break from making treats. I was going to focus on savory side dishes and warm-your-tummy dinner suggestions. I was going…

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Pumpkin Lasagna

New Fall Classic Recipe: Pumpkin Lasagna

Pumpkin lasagna is a project – but oh, what a result! Fall is a wonderful time to tuck into a cozy kitchen and lose yourself in a great recipe. I like to think of cooking projects as culinary meditation. While you work, listen to some music that makes your heart happy, or put on a favorite old movie to play in…

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Cardamom-Almond Meringues

If you have ever looked for a “diet” cookie you know the options, though varied, are often disappointing. I have found that if you are yearning for an ooey-gooey chocolate chip cookie you should just go ahead and have one. ONE. Make a date to visit a bakery, select a drool worthy confection from the case, serve your indulgence on…

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The Thanksgiving Recipe Collection

I’m calling it early this year. I have a baby who pretty much wants to be held and snuggled all the time. I am happy to oblige but I’m also pooped! I’ve got ideas for all new and exciting light takes on Thanksgiving foods bouncing all around in my head unfortunately, chances are good they won’t appear here until next…

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Walnut-Oat Apple Crumble

An apple a day may keep a doctor away, but I bet they would come running if you put that apple into this crumble! I have been working my way through 80 pounds of apples. There was a full weekend of simmering that resulted in many quart and pint jars filled with apple-ginger, apple-cardamom, and apple-cinnamon sauces. Later in the…

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