No prayer will make you thin but faith in action can!

No prayer will make you thin but faith in action can

Truly prayer changes things, yet, lasting personal transformation does not come from faith alone – we must also put our faith into action. Faith is not magic Every night from age 12 through high school, my bedtime prayer was to grow two feet overnight and wake-up height/weight proportionate. Then I prayed my obesity would be linked to a medical finding –…

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Diets don't work! The truth about how to succeed at a diet - What you believe to be true about who you are TODAY will make the difference between a diet's success or failure.

The no BS truth to why diets don’t work

I’ve been getting a series of marketing emails this week. A popular meal plan program is promoting their new multi-week diet reset. Today’s email came with a very compelling subject line, “why diets don’t work.” This headline caught my eye and I’m sure I’m not the only one. I happen to know why diets don’t work. I have spent the…

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Foods that stand between you and the healthy weight you desire lose their temptation when you make peace with emotional discomfort.

The most important step to be the healthy weight you desire

The hardest part about losing weight is letting go of comfort and stepping into the unknown. For a long time I was desperately afraid of what food I would have to give up or hunger pain I might feel. Very soon into the process I realized those fears were just smoke and mirrors. To achieve forever weight loss you have…

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You are going about your day when suddenly it strikes - a craving. Cravings are treated like something to be managed. What if that was not the case at all?

How to indulge your cravings and not gain a pound

We have all been there. You are going about your day, minding your own business when suddenly it strikes – a craving. In general, cravings are treated like something to be banished. The word makes us uneasy. A craving can mean you are on the verge of undoing your weight loss efforts. But what if a craving did not mean…

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Vacation is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the healthy lifestyle choices you say you’d make if you had time. You can have fun and lose weight on vacation!

15 totally realistic ways to lose weight on vacation

Vacation is a marvelous way to escape day to day obligations. While you are away it is essential to use the time to relax and recharge. Before a big getaway you may put extra effort into your diet and exercise routine to look and feel your very best in your vacation wardrobe. Use this guide to easily continue your healthy momentum…

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