to lose weight - think like a kindergartener

If you want to lose weight – start thinking like a kindergartner

When adults approach weight loss, or any significant life change, we have huge expectations of getting everything right from the beginning. As a result, programs that advertise “lose weight quick” or “30 days to success” are wildly popular. But, what if we gave ourselves permission to think like a kindergartener and embraced the reality: learning how to lose weight is…

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weight loss encouragement

Positive self-talk is the key to weight loss success | 6 phrases to change your perspective

The work of weight loss begins with changing what you put in your mouth. Lasting success is the result of learning positive self-talk and changing what you put in your head. Some time ago, I read an interview – Beth Aldrich’s Real Moms’ Strategy: Love Food & Lose Weight. She helps her new clients create lists of healthy things they love to keep on…

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losing weight post pregnancy

Surprise! Losing pregnancy weight is way harder after having the baby

I have made a decision. I am ready to lose the last of my pregnancy weight. Since I already know how to drop pounds like hot rocks, I imagined it would be an easy resolution. Now, a few weeks in, I have discovered the game has changed – once again kids change EVERYTHING! In August of 2008 I began the first part…

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Tumble Weed Festival

Remodeling post weight loss: We can do it!

This week Mike and I celebrate 8 years of marriage, and 10 years since we met — in a bar. We say we met on Tax Day but it was really about 1:30 AM on April 16th. Our meeting was not love at first sight. I was grumpy and ready to leave with my friend. My future husband was more…

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Will I always have to think about eating for weight loss?

Weight Loss: Will I always have to think about healthy eating?

Tell me if this sounds familiar? “I just want to get to a point where I don’t have to think about it.” The “it” in this case is eating for weight loss. Gah! This is such a tough one. Whenever I hear this plea I want to give the wisher a reassuring mama bear hug. The truth is multifaceted but…

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